• Bavaria commercial ‘Al 7 generaties lang’

    Old age make op on Actor Ernst ter Linden designed and applied by Carola Brockhoff, Unreal.eu

    Royal Swinkels Family Brewers (formerly Bavaria Brewery) is a Dutch family business since 1719. The company is fully owned by the Swinkels family for seven generations. In this commercial they show how important it is to preserve family traditions.

    Old age make op on Actor Ernst ter Linden designed and applied by Carola Brockhoff, Unreal.eu

    Carola Brockhoff was responsible to create an old age on actor Ernst ter Linden who plays Jaap Swinkels. Ernst plays a younger version, himself and an older version in this timeline commercial. Carola used a variety of techniques to change him 20 years older. We made small prosthetics and used old age stipple from Blue Bird and Green Marble Concentrate and Attagel. Coloring was done with skin illustrator palettes. For the hair we used Ben Nye Liquid hair colours. We achieved an excellent result.

  • Dirty God selected for Sundance Festival

    Dirty God actress Vicky Knight with prosthetics applied by Unreal.eu

    Dirty God from filmmaker Sacha Polak has it’s International Premiere on the Sundance Festival. It’s the first time that a Dutch Film is selected for this World Cinema Dramatic Competition!

    Vicky Knight applied with prosthetics by Unreal.eu

    The film is about a young mother Jade (played by Vicky Knight) who tries to pick up the pieces after an acid attack leaves her with severe facial burns. Unreal was responsible for the application of the facial prosthetics, delivered by danish colleague Morten Jacobsen. Dirty God is shot in the UK, the Netherlands and Marrakech.

    Special Make up Effects supervisor Carola Brockhoff applying prosthetics on set of Dirty God
  • Commercial Victoria Diaz de la Muertes

    The Mexican beer brand Victoria wanted to celebrate the Day of the Dead by sending out a powerful message: Mexicans are unstoppable, even in the afterlife. Inspired by Aztec mythology and present-day talent, the epic spot takes you on a journey into Mictlán: the Aztec underworld. For Mediamonks we designed and produced all the Aztec characters. This beautifully choreographed film starring the Mexican dancer Isaac Hernández and featuring an original score by La Banda Bastön and Geo Meneses.

    We designed the special make-up on the faces and bodies of all the dancers, hair work and the epic final of the film; the golden rebirth of Isaac. Both for the stills taken in Amsterdam and the film shoot in beautiful Iceland.

  • RoadGuard ad campaign

    For “Aanstekelijk Creative Agency” we created the complete character design, clothing, props and on-set applications of the RoadGuard viking in five different ages. We also did old-age make up of the car mechanics. Transforming the dutch giant Olivier Richters into a big friendly viking was gigantic!

    Olivier Richters als Roadguard mady by Unreal.eu
    Roadguard designed and applied character by Carola Brockhoff Unreal.eu
  • On the cover #10 of PROSTHETIC MAGAZINE

    One of the many Orcs we did for the Shadow of War Live action commercial with director Neil Huxley, made it on the cover of Neill Gorton’s The Prosthetic magazine issue #10! Inside you will find a 10 page article on the making of all the orcs!

    Shadow of War orc XXX designed and created by Unreal.eu
    Shadow of War orc THRAK designed and created by Unreal.eu