Old school practical Special FX are still hot! We can create a whole range of Special Effects for different purposes. We love the challenge of solving the things that cannot be done for real for any genre whether it is horror, fantasy or science fiction.

Blood rigs for flesh wounds, cut throats with blood rig, bladders for weird bubbling effects under a skin, a special rig for someone who needs to pee or poo his pants, a burst of puke or a burst of blood from an exit wound, or a high tech science fiction tool anything to visualize your story on screen. We love to create and build the vision of our clients. The best Special FX are realized through the combination of our creativity and the experience of directors, production companies or private collectors.

Although Digital FX are becoming more and more important, a lot of filmmakers still prefer a practical effect above a digital one. Therefore, we will continue to improve the practical effects with e.g. 3D printing. Sometimes we combine the two industries, we make the practical effect and VFX artists will enhance it with digital effects if needed. Anything to create the best result for the effect you visualize. We work together with highly recommended companies in de Digital Industry.

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