Special props are designed and made for films, tv series, or any other media you can think of. We love to make props, miniatures, models, artworks for a wide range of projects. Whether you need a safe weapon for fighting or murder scene or you need to upscale or downsize a special prop, we can build it. Special props can vary from small fake nails or pieces of glass to whole statues of human figures, light weight products like antlers or scuba tanks, From real to Unreal. You imagine, we create.

For Frankenstein’s Army (2012) from Director Richard Raaphorst Unreal made all the creatures, costumes, props, weapons and special fx.

For Brimstone (2016) from Director Martin Koolhoven we created a lot of realistic dummies, human and lifelike animals, prosthetic wounds, stunt weapons, animatronics and props. Check out our gallery for photos.

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